Juno - You Know...

And using a little bit less slang words, 'You know'.
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – again, I brought a not a movie not that recent, to be exact, it was released in 2007. Well, not way too old anyway. But it dragged me into a really retro atmosphere.
First of all, how was I able to discover it?
I've just found a song in my Spotify playlist, that is in the movie. I looked it up on the web, and found the whole soundtrack. Not only that one song, but basically every single one got bookmarked by me. They flow through the same atmosphere and share the same feeling, still being wonderful. They're serious, but each of them has that specific 'naughtiness from childhood' vibe, that I can really appreciate. These songs are superficial, but real heartbreakers as well.
Maybe it's just me, talking some stupid stuff, but I can confidently claim that the track were chosen perfectly for some scenes.
Among Scott Pilgrim, I could compare it to 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower', which is also magnificent, and even though the happy and sad songs could be separated there, they're hitting you in the chest, just like here.
Basically, those who I've talked with about this movie, said that it's a 'cult movie'. I can't really understand that, to be honest, but at the same time, they're completely right. It discusses such topics so naivety and honesty, that couldn't be seen in other movies, particularly not in the early 2000s.
So. The topics that appears in the film – from an other perspective that you would think!
Who the hell would need an average cell phone if there's the burger phone? Seriously.
Juno picks up the phone, calls the number, and then, at the other side someone receives the call. Then the girl says “excuse me, you're really creaking for some reason”. She hits it into the floor two times, then it's repaired, and then she confesses that she has a burger phone instead of a cell phone.
Becoming an adult
A child will be born. This kid will be adopted by a couple. A man and a woman. The woman is way too adult, while the man is still childish on the inside.
If we think about it, it could be noticed in the stressed out situations. If we are willing to continue taking the responsibility, we're on the good route, then if we're not willing to... Well...
Who would be that retarded sixteen years old chick to give her baby to a random couple?
A girl, who is completely full of love.
And in the very beginning of the movie, when she starts the day with a liter of orange juice, it makes it sure for you that you'll like brat.
Realizing what is true love after just one sentence? Yeah sure...
The whole situation is so surreal and so exact that I can't even believe it. Their relationship is really working well and they're loving each other for real?

Unfortunately, the movie won't go into “details” like this...

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